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Volume, mining, and buy-backs define the $IT ecosystem.


Half of the transaction tax is sent to the growth wallet. The more volume $IT generates, the more funds the wallet gets; thereby, making buys and sells the core of this process.


Mining Rigs

Funds from the growth wallet are used to buy mining rigs. The team will be mining Bitcoin and Ethereum, making all profits public for the $IT investor to see. More volume = more rigs.

Buybacks + Liquidity

Net profits collected from the mining rigs will be then used to buyback $IT and provide liquidity. The cycle continues infinitely. $IT holders directly benefit from crypto mining without all the hassle.



Proportional re-distributive token powered by cryptocurrency mining

The numbers make sense. We made sure of it.

With a small supply of 5 billion tokens and a fair launch, we're able to over-deliver on your expectations. Low supply tokenomics enable room for growth and longevity. The growth wallet was acquired off the market through fair launch, not pre-mined.



GROWTH wallet

4 month lock








While Infinity Token is one of the first to implement ETH reflections for all its holders, we also have other major usecases.

Crypto Mining

ASIC mining profits are used for liquidity and buybacks. This helps us sustain $IT years to come.


Space Exploration

One of our missions is to support the shared goal of Elon Musk's SpaceX and make space trips a reality for all.


Crypto Education

Infinity Learning Initiative will have educational articles, news, and daily tips for new traders.


Our partners trust and rely on us.

Infinity Token takes pride in its partnerships. We seek to establish partnerships with new and existing projects or companies that share our core values; we strive to be a leader in crypto. Become a partner today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We've got the answers to all your frequently asked questions. If your question hasn't been answered, please be sure to ask us anything on our Telegram.
What is Infinity Tokens involvement with the Fair Token Project?

By utilizing the tech of FTP we are able to provide our investors with passive Ethereum rewards. 5% of every transaction -- both buys and sells -- are redistributed to holders in proportion to the amount of supply you own. Claim your rewards at https://app.fairtokenproject.com/.

What is the benefit of mining Bitcoin in relation to an Ethereum (ERC-20) based token?

Aside from marketing, the proceeds of the developers wallet will be used to purchase and deploy a Bitcoin mining farm.

This will provide us (and you as a holder of Infinity Token) with two benefits: buy-backs of the token to sustain the price, and frequent liquidity injections to ensure a strong trading environment. This is a new concept which will not only ensure the long term success of Infinity Token but also encourage holding well into the future in order to reap the ETH dividends.

What is Infinity Tokens involvement with SGE (Society of Galactic Exploration)?

SGE is a foundational ERC20 token that was developed to celebrate and encourage space exploration amongst the masses.

By partnering with SGE, Infinity Token will be able to help launch the SGE-X cryptocurrency exchange and undertake the charitable goal of sending kids to space camp in the USA.

What is the educational aspect of this project in regards to cryptocurrency?

In the future, Infinity Token will become an educational resource for cryptocurrency articles and news, as well as hosting in-person crypto mining focused meetups. This strategy will not only bring new investors to Infinity Token but also incentivize holding and trading of the token.

What anti-bot measures have been implemented in the contract?

A buy limit of 0.15% of the total supply (7.5 million tokens) will be imposed for the first 15 minutes post-launch. Infinity token uses the well known and proven FTP antibot functions.

Earn passive income in Ethereum (ETH) just for being an investor.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. Buy $IT tokens. Hold. Earn Ethereum straight to your wallet. Claim your rewards in Ethereum, not $IT; thereby, not affecting $IT price.


aUGUST, 2021

  • Official launch on Uniswap
  • CG & CMC Listings
  • Expand social media following
  • Begin initial marketing phase
  • Partner with SGE token

september, 2021

  • Purchase initial mining equipment (Antminer S19 Pro)
  • Install first batch of miners with a mining hosting service
  • Form the official Infinity Token cryptocurrency mining team
  • First central exchange listing

october, 2021

  • Increase exposure through marketing
  • Partner with top influencers
  • Begin mining Bitcoin
  • Purchase additional mining equipment

november, 2021

  • Purchase Ethereum mining rigs (Antminer E9 or backup)
  • Launch liquidity injection / buyback program
  • Begin developing a public live feed of bitcoin mined to date
  • Expand the marketing team

december, 2021

  • Finish development of the live feed and mining statistics platform
  • Second large exchange listing
  • Begin developing a hash-power purchase program using Infinity Token
  • Additional marketing exposure

january, 2022

  • Expand mining operations further
  • Construct or retrofit warehouse to eliminate leasing / hosting costs
  • Additional exchange listing(s)
  • Begin the hash-power purchase program

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